We recommend starting the search for your wedding gown 1 year in advance. It is important to have a wedding date and venue set as well so you can choose a gown that fully captures your vision for the day and that we can ensure we can order for you in a timely manner.

Tuesday-Wednesday 10:00am-5:00pm (last appointment is 3:30pm)
Thursday 1:00pm-7:00pm (last appointment is 5:30pm)
Friday 10:00am-6:00pm (last appointment is 4:30pm)
Saturday 10:00am-5:30pm (last appointment is 4:00pm)

Yes! In order to provide the best experience for our brides we do require an appointment so that one of our amazing BE consultants is available to assist you in finding a wedding gown. We do our best to accommodate walk-in customers whenever possible however, our appointments will always take priority. We do not accommodate walk-ins on Saturdays.

Our wedding gowns range in price from $1300 - $5,000, with the majority of our gowns falling between the $1,600 - $3,000 range. Please keep in mind, the costs of gowns do NOT include alterations. Most brides will need additional alterations. If you are concerned about your budget, just ask your consultant. We are happy to guide you through what might work best for you WITH alterations in mind. 

We do not provide champagne for our guests. As we don’t have a liquor license, we are not legally allowed to serve alcohol.


Regarding bringing your own champagne, you can do so granted you are only allowed to consume at the last 15 minutes of your appointment IF THE BRIDE SAYS YES TO THE DRESS, you provide your own cups, the champagne is opened in our back room, and your appointment is finished on time.


These guidelines are in place for liability and safety issues, as well as keeping the focus on the BRIDE and the DRESS.

We don’t allow our brides or their guests to go through our dress racks. This is to ensure we keep our gowns in the best conditions for you to try on as well as liability issues. We have a large selection of gowns so the best way to see them all beforehand is to visit our Pinterest page where all our active gowns are listed by the designer.

Absolutely!  Many of the wedding gowns we carry in our store are able to be purchased off the floor.  In some cases, our designers will offer a rush shipping option or may have available stock ready to be shipped.

We allow 5 guests plus the bride to appointments. During weekday appointments (Tuesday-Thursday) we may have some flexibility to add a couple more guests, please call to check. We recommend bringing those whose style opinion you value as this will help keep the focus on you “the Bride”.  Having too many opinions can be overwhelming so keep your guest list short and sweet.  We also recommend leaving small children at home.

During your hour and a half appointment, you will work one on one with one of our amazing BE bridal consultants. Our consultants are dedicated to helping you find the dress that will make you look and feel your absolute best. Feel free to bring along pictures, Pinterest ideas or anything that we can work with. If you are starting from scratch and have no idea of what you are looking for our BE consultants can work with that too. We will make your experience as fun and stress free as possible. Be ready to find your dream dress!

We carry a wide variety of sizes ranging from 8-22.  Most gowns are orderable in sizes 0-32.  The first thing to understand is that bridal sizing is NOT the same as normal street clothing sizes.  Bridal gowns run significantly smaller than your regular clothes so don’t fixate on the number on the gown.  

Bridal appointments are 90 minutes long. Try-on Appointments (when YOUR gown arrives) are 30 minutes long.

1st alterations appointments are 1 hour long

2nd alterations appointments are 30 minutes long.

We suggest ordering your gown 8-9 months before your wedding date.  Most wedding gowns take approximately 5-6 months to order.  In most cases, each wedding gown is treated as a special order, meaning that production will not begin on your gown until the order is placed.  You will also want to allow for alterations to be done once your gown arrives.  If your wedding is more than a year away, we recommend waiting a bit.  Styles and taste changes and gowns can be discontinued.

No.  We require a 60% down payment at the time your dress is ordered with the remaining balance due upon arrival of your dress in our store.

Once your gown order has been placed, it takes approximately 5-6 months to arrive in our store. Gowns with custom changes may take additional time. Upon receiving your order we will inspect the gown and contact you as soon as it arrives in our store. At this time you should schedule an appointment to try on the dress, pay off the balance and make any necessary arrangements for alterations with our seamstress or your seamstress of choice.

Currently, we’re suggesting ordering a veil and other hair accessories or jewelry the day you say “YES to the dress”. This is in part due to the current standard shipping times. They are taking longer than expected and we’d like to ensure you get exactly what you want Shipment for gowns are not affected in the same manner.

You will likely need alterations after you receive your gown to fine tune the details and ensure your gown fits like a glove. Alterations are a separate cost and we do not have a base list of pricing. We have 3 wonderful seamstresses who take appointments in-house, pricing is dependent on their own personal rates. Alterations appointments only take place on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. If you cannot make either of those days, we will set you up with an outside seamstress that can better fit your schedule. You are not obligated to use our seamstresses.

We advise to start alterations 2 months prior to your wedding date to allow for any weight changes. We advise to bring any undergarments you plan on wearing on your wedding day. You also MUST bring your shoes or shoes of the same height you plan on wearing the day of to your alterations appointment.

Alterations are a la carte and are dependent on the seamstress personal rates. The average cost we see are between $600-700, however, we do see tickets lower than that and higher than that. Keep in mind, more detail, lace, bead work, layers, etc. you have on your gown, the more costly it can become. You can always book a consultation with any of our seamstresses to get a price quote prior to starting actual alterations to your gown.