Hello . . . and welcome to Bridal Elegance (BE for short).   BE is a full-service bridal studio in Torrance California catering to the modern,
vintage, princess and bohemian bride, we have it all! We’ve built a beautiful and inviting setting for your bridal “experience”. 
BE is a place to be inspired and supported as we help you discover the bride you want to be.
We hand-pick our curated collection of wedding dresses and accessories with our brides’ best interest at heart.

Our one-on-one bridal consultations make Bridal Elegance the premier bridal shop location in the South Bay.
So please join us and become a #BEbride!


bridal elegance is giving back …

as we join Brides Across America “United in Love and Give Back” campaign

July 2, 2019 we will be gifting wedding gowns to our military and first responders. You must qualify and register for the event at www.bridesacrossamerica.com